About Tamsyn

About Tamsyn

Tamsyn is a registered osteopath who graduated from the European School of Osteopathy where she gained a 1st in the integrated Masters course in Osteopathic Medicine. Tamsyn is the principal Osteopath of both Faversham Osteopathy (Waterman & Webb, Preston Street) and Folkestone Osteopathy (16 Church Street, The Bayle). Please see clinics and prices page for more information.

Tamsyn also works for the General Osteopathic Council, assisting in the regulation of Osteopaths, right at the heart of the profession. She has been working for GOsC for nearly 7 years now, and puts her high levels of professionalism down to these experiences.
To read more about the regulation and education of osteopaths, please see the page: Regulation of Osteopaths.

She is also involved in Osteopathic education, having obtained a Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education. Tamsyn works as a lecturer and researcher at the European School of Osteopathy and supervises student research. She is also involved in Manual Therapy research, having published two articles on osteopathic techniques in July 2016, and palpation skills in March 2021. A current project Tamsyn is working on involves the therapeutic effects of touch, a fascinating topic!

Tamsyn has developed her osteopathic approach over her 10 years in clinic to really get to the cause of your problem, helping you to feel better quickly and ensuring these results last. Everyone is different, so treatment and suggestions for outside of the treatment room will be based on you as an individual.

Clinical experience and approaches:

During the four year course and after graduating, Tamsyn has gathered extensive clinical experience in treating a broad range of musculoskeletal conditions, as well as more specialised presentations such as sports injuries, pregnant women and babies.

Furthermore, she has studied 2 years of counselling and coaching skills as well as mindfulness based cognitive behavioural therapy. Emotions and feelings are important aspects of our lives, and when our bodies are uncomfortable, sometimes these aspects of our being can also be involved.

Tamsyn places an emphasis on managing your pain on an everyday basis, dealing not only with the physical aspect of pain, but also providing you with techniques you can use in stressful situations, when you feel the tension and resultant discomfort building.

She enjoys using a variety of approaches, adjusting this to best suit the individual, from structural techniques (soft tissue manipulation, articulation and exercises), to more gentle cranial osteopathy. For more details on different approaches used within osteopathy, please see the OSTEOPATHY page. Tamsyn is also trained in dry needling (acupuncture), and will use this as well during osteopathic treatments if required, as well as pilates-based exercise rehabilitation.

Tamsyn will incorporate relevant exercises into your management plan and advise what can be useful to you specifically. She attends the gym regularly and works with all levels of athletes, meeting their needs with their goals in mind.

When not at work: 

Tamsyn is also an Argentine Tango dancer and teacher. When she is not working in clinic or at the university, she is often performing and teaching with her partner Richard Manuel – see below for a clip from July 2023

She also plays the piano, guitar, sings and photographs our wonderful world. Tamsyn enjoys mindfulness meditation, walking in the countryside and exploring other cultures and beautiful wild places.

(below- Quepos, Costa Rica)