Covid-19 Policy


**Faversham and Folkestone Osteopathy are OPEN for Appointments**

UPDATED JULY 19th 2021

Please read the following information before attending appointments as guidance for osteopaths is still in place following the lifting of restrictions.

By attending appointments, you are consenting to receive osteopathic treatment in accordance with this policy, and are confirming you have engaged with it.

 Clinic Changes:

We ask you:

  1. Bring your phone to check in to the venue using the NHS covid-19 app
  2. Use hand sanitiser on entry to the clinic.  
  3. Although it is no longer a legal requirement, we advise that you wear a face mask at all times when in the clinic due to the close contact during appointments.
  4. Please bring your own drinking water if needed.
  5. Use BACS payments in advance/at time of treatments where possible, or have the correct amount of cash so no change is required.
  6. Unless you require a chaperone for the treatment, we ask that you attend the appointment without the company of family members to limit footfall in the clinic.

7. Not to attend appointments if:

you have been diagnosed, are being tested for, or are suspected to have COVID-19

you have been in close contact or are living with anyone diagnosed with, being tested for, or suspected to have COVID-19

– you are feeling at all unwell. Symptoms are variable and include the following:

  • sore throat
  • cough
  • loss of sense of smell or taste
  • runny nose and/or sneezing
  • fever and/or chills
  • headache
  • unusual muscle pain
  • chest pain
  • diarrhoea

– you are self-isolating for any reason

– you have a condition which means you are in the ‘high risk’ group of individuals and feel unsafe to attend appointments (we urge you to also consider the risks associated if someone in your household is in the high risk group)

8. Let us know if:

you have attended an appointment unknowingly potentially carrying the virus

It is imperative you contact us via phone or email ASAP and inform us of the date of the appointment.

This is so that we can self-isolate, and contact others that could be affected and advise a period of self-isolation to prevent viral spread. We will also notify NHS track and trace, and provide contact details of those individuals who may be affected.

Our commitments:

  • I will be wearing a face mask/shield and apron as PPE unless you prefer that I don’t (for example due to hearing issues)
  • Infection control will continue to be stringent with cleaning processes
  • Should you need to cancel last minute due to feeling unwell as per the following guidance, we will of course waive the cancellation fee.
  • We will keep up to date should any changes be made in either direction that will affect your appointment, we will contact you to inform you of the changes.

We appreciate your individual efforts to help us follow social distancing guidance and enhance infection control within the practice and apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

If you require any clarification of any information, do just give us an email or a call, and we will be happy to advise you. Wishing you and your families continued good health. 
Tamsyn 😊