Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial Osteopathy

The theories behind how Cranial Osteopathy works are variable and none proven by research. However Craniosacral Therapy is well known for it’s relaxation properties, and is thought to rebalance the body on a deeper level, releasing subtle tensions and encouraging the body’s own healing mechanisms.

Craniosacral therapy: a subtle, rebalancing treatment restoring harmony to the body

Cranial Osteopathy is a useful alternative for individuals who react too strongly to classic osteopathic treatments, or those who suffer with inflammatory conditions or hypermobility that are often aggravated by movement.

Cranial Osteopathy, despite the name, involves contact over various areas in the body- commonly the pelvis, cranium, abdomen, shoulders and legs, and unlike in Osteopathy, you will not be required to disrobe, unless the skin needs to be observed. Tamsyn offers cranial osteopathy appointments to adults, children and babies. Please note the treatments are frequently extremely relaxing, so factor this in when thinking about the best time or day for your session! 🙂

To book a Cranial Osteopathy session with Tamsyn, click here to submit a booking form, or phone 01795 353807. At the time of booking, please mention that you would like specifically Cranial Osteopathy.