Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice

As Allied healthcare professionals, Osteopaths are used to dealing with confidential data. Here at Faversham and Folkestone Osteopathy, we take all necessary measures to ensure your data is protected, from collection to storage. Please read the following information summarising the data protection processes in place.

Information We Collect:

We will collect the following information from you:
• When booking your appointment either via email or phone, you will be asked to provide your name (and your child’s name if booking for a child) and a contact number
• On arrival to the clinic, you are asked to complete a form in which the following basic contact details are collected: date of birth, address, email address, contact number and GP details.
• During the consultation, the osteopath will gather verbal information from you which is noted down about your life and health. This includes information about the current issue, previous medical history and general lifestyle (for example, occupation and exercise) and health factors.
• Your information form and the form completed by the osteopath with your health information at each appointment comprises your ‘patient record’.
• Information from surveys can be used for audit and research purposes, but you do not have to respond to these.

How your information is used:

Your name and contact number and/or email could be used to contact you in respect to your appointments, such as text reminders or any changes that need to be made.
Your name and contact number are put into our password protected diary on “”. The diary is only accessible by the osteopaths and the receptionists at “Ideal Receptionist” to manage bookings. Ideal Receptionist are fully GDPR compliant and do not share your information with anyone. (Further information is available on request).
Your email and/or contact number could be used to provide you with links for exercise or management advice, or to contact you for payment or receipts.
Your email and/or contact number could be used to inform you about key changes to our services.
Your email and/or contact number could be used to inform you of upcoming offers and/or provide the occasional newsletter (should you opt-in on the form completed at your first appointment). Please note: you can opt out at anytime by replying “unsubscribe” to the email you receive the material from.
Your Patient record is fundamental to our role as healthcare practitioners and is necessary to enable the osteopath to formulate an appropriate examination and management plan for you each time you are seen. This information will be accessible only to the registered osteopaths working within the clinic, and accessed only if required in relation to your case or for use in accordance with this policy.
Anonymised health data may be used by us or third party academic research organisations for research purposes.

How your information is stored:

Confidentiality is a legal and professional requirement of all registered Osteopaths. Below is more information on how we adhere to confidentiality rules.
Your name and contact number are put into our password protected diary on “”.
• Paper-based patient records and information are stored securely in a locked filing cabinet in the clinics when not in use. Records are only accessible by the registered osteopaths working at the clinic.
• Should you wish to move between the two clinics for treatments, your paper-based patient records will be transported securely by your Osteopath, who will keep them on their person at all times when not at the premises.
• We keep confidential who visits our practice, where they live, the date and times of their appointments and any other personal or medical details. Please note, this includes information about any family members or friends that you know who attend, so please do not request any personal information about anyone else, you will get a deliberately vague answer!
• You are entitled to obtain a copy of any of your records we hold and can contact the clinic via email or phone to request these at any time.

Is your information shared?

• Your data is not shared with anyone else without your consent. The only people who have access to your data in keeping with the policy above are:
• The osteopaths working at the clinic (only if they need to see your file in relation to your care)
• Administrative staff such as receptionists from Ideal Receptionist will be able to view your contact number and name.
• Administrative staff for audit purposes.
• Should we need to contact another healthcare professional regarding your care for referral or obtaining test results, we will always obtain your consent in writing to do this.

Please note that your data can only be shared without your consent in the rare circumstance that either you or another person are perceived to be at risk and action needs to be taken, involving the disclosure of your data to prevent this from happening.

Data retainment and control:

• Your data needs to be retained in accordance with the General Osteopathic Council Practice Standards.
Patient records will therefore be kept:
– for a minimum of eight years after their last consultation
– if the patient is a child, until their 25th birthday.

Who is responsible for data protection:

• Tamsyn Webb, the principal osteopath, in both Faversham and Folkestone is in charge of Data Protection.
If you have any queries or concerns about how we handle your data, do contact me on 01795 353807 or 01303 300699, or via email at I will be happy to discuss further with you!