What to Expect from an Osteopathy Appointment

Preparing for an Appointment

To begin, the osteopath will ask lots of questions about the problem, as well as about your medical history to ascertain the most likely causes of the pain.

Then, the osteopath will complete an examination usually involving an observation of your posture whilst standing, movement testing and manual palpation (feeling the muscles and bones) to find the cause of discomfort. Often, other clinical tests including testing nerves and joints will form part of the examination.

It is helpful for the osteopath to be able to see as much of the spine, arms and legs as possible during the examination, so you are asked to undress to your underwear, or bring clothes that you can wear that you will be most comfortable in, that are stretchy material to allow for a good treatment! (Eg: shorts/leggings/crop tops with minimal straps/vest tops).

The findings of the examination and treatment plan will then be discussed, and management of the problem will be decided on, according to the diagnosis and your preferences.

Then treatment will follow from the examination, incorporating the techniques described in the OSTEOPATHY page.

In some cases, the cause of the pain will require further examination, and it may be necessary to refer you to your doctor for other investigations before any treatment is given.



A £10 deposit towards your first appointment is due to confirm the booking.

All other payments are made by cash or card on the day of the appointment, or by BACS transfer in advance of the appointment for follow-ups.

Please see the clinics and prices page for pricing information.

If you have to reschedule an appointment, please let me know at least 24 hours in advance where possible, otherwise the cancellation is subject to full price charge. (All charges are explained on a consent form that you sign on your first appointment)


Will I need more than one appointment?

Sometimes, only one appointment is needed, but more often than not, follow-up appointments will be required.

I will monitor your progress carefully, and advise you on each appointment, discharging you as soon as possible with advice and exercises to help reduce the likelihood of a recurrence.

I will always discuss my expected outcomes from treatment and exercises with you – these will be realistic individual goals! I don’t expect everyone to cartwheel out of the clinic…

In some cases, having a treatment every month or 6 weeks to keep the problem at bay may be a good idea, or something you decide you would like to do! I always leave this completely up to you, only ever booking one appointment in advance.